• Khem


    A red headed and bearded dwarf in his mid-thirties. Khem is an Invoker of Erathis but wears no symbol of the god who has imbued him with his power.
  • Scrag


    A large and often unfriendly half-orc.
  • Vyhev


    Name Pronunciation: "Veye-yev"
  • Adronsius


    A stubborn dwarf who despite his injuries wanted to rescue the prisoners all by himself. He mentioned Jelissa and Mirtala and provided some directions to their location.
  • Alys


    A dragonborn in Brindol, handy with a crossbow and definitely more skilled than the average townsperson.
  • Asuma


    Retired paladin of Pelor, co-owner of the Happy Beggar.
  • Brenat


    Grizzled veteran the party encountered in the Pickled Imp. Warned them not to trust Modra. Later revealed to be Sarshan, Modra's former boss.
  • Clank


    A warforged food who served honey glazed pig legs to the mercenaries. When the foundry exploded Clank fled with the party, giving Khem a ride in the food cart.
  • Councilmember Eoffram Troyas

    Councilmember Eoffram Troyas

    A Half-Elf member of the Brindol Council. Despite the Council's dislike for sellswords, mercenaries, and roaming adventurerers, Troyas has gone out on a limb and contracted the PCs to put an end to the goblin menace.
  • Durkik Forgeheart

    Durkik Forgeheart

    Battle Chaplain of Moradin, highly placed in the Stone Anvil. Known to associate with the Claw of the Griffon. Said to be leading the mercenary forces to the defense of Bordin's Watch.
  • Flobik


    Bartender of the Pickled Imp. Sometimes illegal underground kobold death match promoter.
  • Friar Jacob

    Friar Jacob

    A jovial friar of Avandra, who knows much about Overlook, particularly where to find the best food.
  • Granthar


    A hobgoblin warcaster who's only loot was pain packaged in Force Pulse box.
  • Iranda


    A short lived Dark Creeper who the party encountered in the boiler room of Khaza’rula. He was attempting to close and disable the water valves.
  • Jack Darkhallow

    Jack Darkhallow

    Swashbuckling adventurer who saved the town of Fernhurst from a horde of zombies. He was so impressive that the residents of Fernhurst actually sing "The Ballad of Jack Darkhallow" at their spring festival.
  • Jalissa


    Prisoner mentioned by Adronsius. Found held captive in the same room that had Scrag. See's Reggie as her hero. Disliked being manhandled by Tak.
  • Janus


    Janus is a dirty human wearing bits of leather and chain armor. He frequently appears asleep in the Salty Mug. Rumor has it he sells information for the right price.
  • Jen


    Half-Elf spellcaster who joined the Claw of the Griffon after they reached Overlook (i.e. after the events of Brindol). Here corpse was discovered by the party in Khaza’rula. She had a sisted named Reniss.
  • Kalad


    A battle hardened dwarf who helped fight off the original Red Hand of Doom incursion. He is also the sole survior of the Monastry of the Sundered Chain, where he collapsed a tunnel and halted the orc invasion.
  • Karg


    A street urchin who helped guide the adventurers through Overlook.
  • Kartenix


    A prisoner from Brindol. Captain in the city guard. Attempted to escape from the ettercaps and was killed. Our heroes burned his corpse.
  • Keline


    Spellcaster who worked with the Claw of the Griffon. Rumor has it she did not return from the Claws adventure into the Shadowfell.
  • Krunk


    Hobgoblin barkeeper of the Salty Mug. He didn't hear or see anything.
  • Leena


    A shadar-kai witch in charge of slave and mercenary operations within Sarshan's umbraforge encampment.
  • Lurzan Cragsplitter

    Lurzan Cragsplitter

    Member of the Council of Overlook. Veteran of the battle of Brindol where the Red Hand of Doom was defeated. Has ties to Sertanian from Brindol. Directed the party to seek the aid of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.
  • Madrick


    Gnome member of the Freeriders. Attended the Grand Muster.
  • Megan Swiftblade

    Megan Swiftblade

    Leader of the Freeriders, a band of adventurers know to have defeated some cultists near Beacon. A scar runs down the left side of her face, from her scalp to her chin. Has been working with the Overlook war council investigating the presence of orcs.
  • Miridus


    Doppleganger who first attacked the group before they left for the vents. He surrendered and was told to help Reggan at the Mountain Hearth. He encountered the party again when they were seeking the Lost Ones and Morda
  • Mirtala


    A prisoner from Brindol. Found in the room with the rats. Bitten repeatedly and traumatized by the wererats.
  • Modra


    Dark creeper arms dealer, partner of Iranda (the dark creeper encountered in the boiler room beneath the vents) rumored to have sold weapons to Tusk and the orcs. Somehow involved with the Lost Ones.
  • Morrik


    Captured hobgoblin who the PCs interrogated in Brindol. Declined to face Tak in one on one combat.
  • Og the orog hero

    Og the orog hero

    A larger than normal Orog. In command of the orcs the players encountered in the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. Responsible for beating Kalad. Sluaghtered one of his own men in an effort to kill the PCs.
  • Reggen


    Old woman who runs Mountain Hearth, an inn just inside the East Gate of Overlook. Friar Jacob reports she has been having problems with some thugs.
  • Reniss


    The party encountered Reniss in Overlook as she was seeking clues as to the fate of her sister Jen. She was hunting for a dark creeper named Iranda, but left to attend to family matters when she learned Jen was dead and the party had dealt with Iranda.
  • Sarshan


    A shadar-kai who is scarred by disease. Once lead a powerful mercenary group known as "The Black Arrow". Since then he has expanded his fortune into a mercenary and slave clearing house in the Shadowfell. He supplies troops, weapons, and similar materi
  • Sertanian


    Keeper of the Great Hall of Valor where the majority of the artifacts from The Red Hand of Doom's defeat are housed. Also Alys's employer.
  • Sinruth


    Leader of the goblin raiders. Had a Red Hand of Doom fixation. Used a spiked chain to maul the party.
  • Skrag


    Hobgoblin who used a weapon named Elfcutter. Stabbed Reggie with it and then was soundly beaten down by the rest of the party.
  • Splag


    Cousin of Splug of Keep on the Shadowfell fame. Took a job with Sinruth instead of Kalarel. Also reported to be fond of turkey legs
  • Tak


  • Thannu


    Trusted bodyguard of Sarshan, encountered the PCs just before they fled the Shadowfell and was slain.
  • Thurann


    The 8-year-old son of Kartenix the guard captain, Was held captive among the undead of Rivenroar. Doesn't know his father's fate.
  • Tusk


    Leader of the Orcs who attempted to invade the Vale by way of passages which lead beneath the Stonehome mountains. Met his end in the Nexus of Khaza’rula.
  • Zerriksa


    Old crone who was trapped in a magic circle. Rumored to have great magic powers. Smacked Khem with her cane and was sharp with Reggie. Seems to favor Kloog.