You can go home again...but you can't get a beer.....

After refusing Sarshan’s offer, the mysterious shadar-kai exited the chamber through a portal which sealed behind him. He left his servant Thannu and his prized umbral panthers to deal with the intruders. Despite their beleaguered condition the party they proved to be more than a match for the shadar-kai.

Memorable Moments

Thannu: Curse you Eladrin!
Arannis just grins serenely at Thannu.
Khem slides around the corner back to the wall
Keldo: Nervous, Khem?
Thannu: You're no better dwarf! I'll use your beard to clean up 
    after my panthers!
Khem Grabs his robes looking pointedly at Keldo's Hide
Keldo chuckles.
Arannis: Hey, Thannu, I heard shadar-kai hide cleans up pather 
    messes pretty well...
Khem: Uh huh, heard it all before. Modra girlfriend used me beard 
    for her tasks as well (winks)
Khem: Some of the shine coming off them scales lass, mayhaps time to let 
    one of the pointy ears take some blows
Arannis: Tough talk, from the robed dwarf.
Thannu: It's a shame you didn't accept Sarshan's generous offer scaly one'd be useful in a fight....and possibly in the bedroom.
Arannis makes a noise that sounds like stifled laugh that he quickly covers 
    by coughing.
Khem: You'd have to roll her in butter and hair first!
Vyhev crinkles her eyes in disgust as she carresses her fangs with her 
    tongue "My skills will never be in your service, shadar-kai" 
Keldo mutters "Do dragonborn even mate with other species?" 
Vyhev: Why would we, we are obviously the divine race
Vyhev: Being modeled after Bahamut, after all
Khem: Hold your strike for me wanna be priest!
Arannis 's face is red from trying not to burst out laughing.
Thannu: I've had many a fine Dragonborn pleasure wench.....there's 
    something special about being rubbed raw...
Khem: Them big ears and the Elf can't hear me!
Arannis: Sorry, Vy... distracted me.
Always check the references before hiring
Thannu and his allies appear to be rejuvinated by their captain's prowess!
Khem: Er stay out from between them kitties
Arannis makes a beckoning motion to Vyhev.
Keldo: Oi, Reg, Vy is looking like she did after the pickled imp, aye?
Reginald: She looks fine to me.
Khem: Scales is still standin'
Khem: The porter don't need to carry her yet
Arannis: What in Avandra's name makes you think I can heft Scaly around?
Reginald: We wouldn't want that, you might break a nail!
Khem: Err, the help wanted sign said must be able to carry 300 lbs of dragon 
    scales. Err isn't that why ye applied?
Arannis: Halfling, believe me, I have no fear of that.
Reginald: Sure sure. *waves his hand dismissevly*
Arannis looks at Khem, then laughs and says "Help wanted sign? I believe the 
    halfling still owes me a Handy Haversack before I lug anything" 

As the last panther fell, another tremor rocked Shadowfell and the party quickly dove through the portal, more concerned about their own survival than chasing down Sarshan. They arrived safely back in Overlook, just as the portal collapsed. A wave of darkness flooded the temple and then congealed into several specters which surrounded the party and closed in on them. Khem, Vyhev, and Arannis called upon the might of Avandra, Erathis, and Bahamut dealing incredible amounts of radiant damage upon the undead.

Shortly after the last specter was put down, Asuma and Kalad kicked in the door to see what all the racket was about. Lurzan Cragsplitter had dispatched Kalad after receiving Reggie’s message via Reggen. For the past few days Kalad and Ausma had been using the portals discovered under the basement of the Happy Beggar to close down the Dark One’s operations within Overlook. Both groups settled into the Happy Beggar for the night and agreed to meet the next morning and discuss what they each discovered.

Memorable Moments

Old friends
Khem: Errr, beer now for saving your worthless tin can hide, Mr Clank?
Arannis: Aye, an ale would be great about now.
Vyhev still somewhat out of breath, yet manages to finish off several spectres
Arannis: (to Vyhev) You all right?
Ausma: There will be no spirits served within these walls!
Vyhev: nothing a good nights sleep won't cure
Khem rolls his eyes
Vyhev: Well, of course not, we banished all the spirits
A paladin kicks in the door!
Khem: Paladins won't drink but they cater to the whims of the Shadar-kai!
Reginald: No spirits, but how about a halfling?
Khem shakes his head, "No offense Scales" 
Ausma: What is with all this racket?! Are you trying to destroy the whole in?
Khem: No we were make sure you didn't serve the Spirits
Arannis: Nay, we just ended up in here and got attacked by these spectres.
Vyhev: We just battled some spectres, no big deal
Reginald: I wouldn't mind her serving us some spirits to be honest.
Arannis: (to Reg) Best suggestion you've made all day!
A familar voice says, "I bet the halfling lead you into trouble again didn't 
Reginald: She can serve me any time! *winks*
Khem: Oh look Kalad is back
Vyhev: Isn't that what halflings do?
Reginald: I kept them on the straight and narrow!
Arannis: (to Khem) Friend or foe?
Reginald: Well most of us on the "straight" and narrow.
Reginald eyes Arannis
Khem: Errr, dwarf for you probably a foe pointy ears
Vyhev shakes her head at Khem and Reggie
Kalad snorts, "You've probably been defiling corpses again" 
Arannis: I have no arguement with dwarves.
Khem: For the rest of us a revered elder
Reginald: You would know Kalad you taught us a thing or two about such things!
Khem raises an eyebrow as he strokes his beard
Arannis looks at Reg questioningly.
Khem: Porter ever seen a mad dwarf?
Arannis: That I have, Khem; not a pretty sight.
Kalad: Now what's all this nonsense about? Cragsplitter sent me once he got 
    your message from the old woman. You've been gone for days?
Khem: Well someone had to investigate the truth of the corruption behind 
    the Orcs
Khem: Seems Overlook has made some mighty foes, Sir
Reginald: *nods his agreement*
Kalad: I'm sure you helped that cause,
Kalad looks at Reggie, "Not quite the emissary of peace" 
Khem: Well seems that Modra stirred up the Orcs against ye all and now his 
    boss is looking at finishing the job for some Mind Flayer scum
Arannis: Unfortunately, sir, the road to peace can be a violent one at times.
Vyhev: This particular plot was some time in the making, and Reggie came in at 
    the end of this particular bit it seems
Reginald: We brought peace Kalad.
Reginald: We brought peace with extreme prejudice.
Ausma: Mind flayers? You say? Are you sure you haven't been partaking in the 
    spirits heavily??? Or just one drink for a waif of an elf.
Reginald: The whole lot of them are much closer to the gods now.
Khem: Nar, I drank my share of the clankers Mead but not enough to upset me 
    senses (pats his belly)
Arannis rolls his eyes.
Khem: Errrr, ummmm Sarsharan?
Reginald: A certain lass might disagree with you master Khem.
Khem: Forget that one I think Lad
Kalad snorts, "Well, it canna be said you lot ever lacked skill with the blade, 
    that's for sure" 
Khem: That is what Leena said
Reginald: Was that her name?
Khem: Yar, nice braids
Reginald chuckles
Arannis chuckles.
Reginald: I didn't know such braiding was possible.
Ausma looks at Kalad and he just shrugs.
Khem: Well you would be surprised at what grows on the Shadar-kai
Arannis 's ears go red at Reg's comment.
Khem: So Cragsplitter send any food along for the trip?
Kalad: Well we found more than a few of them hanging out in the warehouse at the 
    other end of the portal behind us....
Ausma: Who knew all this was under my inn? I wonder how long they've been using 
    this place?
Khem: Well good to know that we have less to worry about?
Khem: Yeah, lass drink a few more ales and you would be stunned what ye discover
Khem pulls out his pipe and starts to strike a match, raising an eye at the 
    wee bonnie Lass
Ausma waves off Khem's comment, "There will be no ale, but I can promise you a 
    fine selection of boiled meats in the kitchen above" 
Kalad wrinkles his nose.
Khem grimaces, blowing a smoke ring thru a figure eight
Reginald: It's rather interesting that it was possible for all of this to happen 
    here with out notice.
Arannis: We could all use the food, as well as some rest.
Khem peers in Clanks wheel barrow hoping something edible is left inside
Vyhev appears to not be paying a lot of attention to the conversation
Keldo is restringing his bow, not really paying attention.
Kalad: Well you and your new strays best be off now. Who knows, next time I see 
    you I half expected you to be travelling with a grell and a lich....I mean 
    an eladrin and a warforged? Bleack!
Khem: Seems a "meal" and a rest are in order then we need to figure out our next 
Arannis 's eyes narrow at the insult.
Khem: Nar, the Elfkin is a Porter and the Tin Man is a cook.
Vyhev punches the dwarf in the arm and says "watch yourself there dwarf, those be 
    paladins you are talking to" 



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