So that's what it opens....

The party continued their battle against the shadar-kai, dark creepers, and a shadow hound. Reggie put down the shadow hound, Khem and Keldo sent the dark creepers back to the Shadowfell (without their bodies), and Vyhev got in a hairpulling chick slap fight with the Shadar-kai witch. After the battle was over the party investigated the active portal and discovered it lead to a warehouse somewhere nearby. They then pressed forward through the remaining double doors.

Memorable Moments

Respect the Brocode
Vyhev -> Power [Virtue's Touch] [min]
Scarlett (Vyhev): Nicks not blinded anymore
Vyhev -> Power [Blessed Weapon - Daily] [free]
Scarlett (Vyhev): But the witch IS
Vyhev -> Power [Virtue's Touch] [min] - Effect: You remove one 
    condition from the target: blinded, dazed, deafened, slowed, 
    stunned, or weakened.; Special: You can use this power a number 
    of times per day equal to your WIS (minimum 1), but only 
    once per round.
Vyhev -> Power [Blessed Weapon - Daily] [free] - Use this power in 
    combination with Virtue's Touch to transfer a condition you remove 
    with Virtue's Touch to any single creature within 5 squares of you. 
    If the effect is transferred to an enemy, it is subject to your 
    Divine Sanction until the end of your next turn.
Effect 'Blinded' applied [to Shadar-kai Witch] [by Vyhev]
Vyhev -> [ATTACK (M)] Bolstering Strike (vs. AC)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [HIT]
Damage [11] -> [to Shadar-kai Witch]
Temporary hit points [2] -> [to Vyhev]
Effect 'Divine Challenge; Marked' expired [on Shadar-kai Witch]
Effect 'Limited LOS' allows a saving throw [on Vyhev]
[TURN] Keldo
Shadar-kai Witch: Curse you! You scaled hussy!
Effect 'Divine Challenge; Marked' applied [to Shadar-kai Witch] [by Vyhev]
Saving throw [14] -> [on Vyhev] [VS 'Limited LOS'] [SUCCESS*]
Vyhev: Who are you calling HUSSY you SKANK?
Effect 'Hunter's Quarry' applied [to Shadar-kai Witch] [by Keldo]
Keldo -> [ATTACK #2 (R)] Twin Strike (vs. AC)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [MISS]
Keldo -> [ATTACK #2 (R)] Twin Strike (vs. AC)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [MISS]
[TURN] Khem
Khem -> [ATTACK (R)] Divine Bolts (vs. Ref)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [MISS]
Khem -> [ATTACK (R)] Divine Bolts (vs. Ref)
Attack -> [at Dark Creeper 9] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Troy (Khem): wow
J Z: Brocode prevents you from breaking up a chick fight
[TURN] Reginald
Troy (Khem): lmao
Oh no she didnt!
Vyhev (roars): I will kill you if it takes all day!
Effect 'Divine Challenge; Marked' replaced shorter effect [by Vyhev]
[TURN] Keldo
Shadar-kai Witch: Are you sure? Don't the soldiers get off duty 
    soon? You wouldn't want your best customers to go without
Vyhev eyes widen and glow sickly green
Keldo -> [ATTACK #2 (R)] Twin Strike (vs. AC)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [MISS]
Keldo -> [ATTACK #2 (R)] Twin Strike (vs. AC)
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [MISS]
Vyhev: You sound like you speak from experience there chickie
Vyhev: Maybe its you who wants to get out to the soldiers going 
Reginald wonders if there is a market for lizard sex
Scarlett (Vyhev): does he wonder ALOUD?
Nick (Reginald): no! 8)
Scarlett (Vyhev): lol
Khem -> [ATTACK (R)] Divine Bolts 
Attack -> [at Shadar-kai Witch] [HIT]
Khem -> [DAMAGE (R)] Divine Bolts 
Damage [8] -> [to Shadar-kai Witch] [DYING]
Witch is enveloped in lightning and dies!
Vyhev: Well, you won't be pleasuring your customers today, or 
    ever again!

In the next room the party encountered a dark creeper searching the body of a slain Shadar-kai. He quickly snatched a key from the body and then with an ancient curse brought forth an army of undead to cover his escape through the portal.

The wraiths dealt large amounts of damage to Vyhev and forced her to withdraw back into the ranks. But the fight seemed well in hand as Khem and Reggie managed to keep most of the wraiths pinned in a hallway for several rounds. Keldo and Vyhev worked on any that managed to break through the front lines. Unfortunately the seething wraith managed to strike Reggie with touch of madness and he broke ranks…rushing to attack Keldo. The wraiths swarmed through the opening and suddenly the party found itself surrounded. Keldo, Reggie, and Vyhev were all withing a hairs breadth of death but managed to hang on while Khem’s Visions of Blood tormented the wraiths back into their graves.

When the battle was over the party was faced with the choice of persuing the fleeing dark creeper or returning to the inn to rest for the night. Choosing to err on the side of caution, they trudged back up to the Happy Beggar and slept…while dark creepers were off doing evil things….

Memorable Moments

Khem goes Divine Alpha
Khem: Erathis commands thee back to the grave!
Khem -> [ATTACK (C)] Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead
Attack -> [at Seething Wraith] [MISS]
Attack -> [at Wraith 6] [HIT]
Attack -> [at Wraith 4] [HIT]
Attack -> [at Wraith 9] [MISS]
Attack -> [at Wraith 2] [HIT]
Attack -> [at Wraith 12] [HIT]
Damage [7] -> [to Wraith 6] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Damage [7] -> [to Wraith 4] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Damage [7] -> [to Wraith 12] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Damage [7] -> [to Wraith 2] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Damage [3] -> [to Seething Wraith] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Damage [3] -> [to Wraith 9] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Wraith 6] [by Khem]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Wraith 4] [by Khem]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Wraith 9] [by Khem]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Wraith 2] [by Khem]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Wraith 12] [by Khem]
Khem -> Action point used.
Khem -> [ATTACK (R)] Thunder of Judgment
Attack -> [at Seething Wraith] [HIT]
Attack -> [at Wraith 9] [MISS]
Attack -> [at Wraith 2] [HIT]
Damage [11] -> [to Seething Wraith] [PARTIALLY RESISTED]
Damage [11] -> [to Wraith 2] [PARTIALLY RESISTED]
Effect 'Dazed' applied [to Seething Wraith] [by Khem]
J Z: The moment I drop undead all the divine characters begin salivating!
Khem -> [HEAL] Relic of the Martyr - Encounter [COST 1] [0] [1d6 = 0]
Heal [0] -> [to Khem]
Khem -> [DAMAGE] Relic of the Martyr - Encounter [TYPE: radiant] [1] [1d8 = 1]
Damage [1] -> [to Seething Wraith] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [VULNERABLE]
Khem -> Power [Clockwork Robes - Encounter] [min]
Temporary hit points [5] -> [to Khem]
I’m sure it sounded better before he typed it out
Khem: Our gods protect us. flee now that you may live
Khem: or be undead at least.
In the distance the clucking of many chickens is heard.
Reginald: You guys hear that? They're preparing tonights 
    meal.. beer battered chicken!
Khem Sniffs the air
Scarlett (Vyhev): lol
Khem: I don't smell ale (mummbles) about paladin bar keeeps
Vyhev: Not everyone has your preference for ale, good dwarf

The party returned after taking a rest and investigated the portal. They discovered two keyholes and managed to activate the gateway using the key they had been carrying around since they fought Iranda in the boiler room. They took the plundge and passed through the gate only to find themselves in a room very similar to the one they had just left. They exited the chamber and were shocked to find themselves in the Shadowfell!

How will the party get back? Is there such a thing as beer-battered shadow chicken? Hey what about that Modra guy?



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