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After the events in the foundry, the party took a rest in an unused side tunnel. They discovered an ancient temple but despite Vyhev and Khem’s best efforts they were unable to discern to who or what the temple was dedicated too. On an old skeleton, they found a tabard which Reggie and Arranis immediately identified as magic.

After this brief interlude the party crept down the tunnel seeking entrance into Sarshan’s tower. Vyhev carefully opened the door at the end of the tunnel. The room beyond was some type of library populated by a number of Shadar-kai. Unfortunately her movements were detected and the battle was quickly joined. Khem and Reggie sought to isolate the Gloomblade from his weapon while Vyhev, Arannis and Keldo dealt with the warriors. The crafty Shadar-kai bound Arannis with shadow and then activated a trap that filled the room with shadow darts. The witch’s beshadowing mind frustrated the heroes, but eventually they put down the Shadar-kai

Memorable Moments

Arannis: I'll see you in the ground before you shed one more 
    drop of my blood, shadar-kai filth!
Arannis: I might carry your head as a trophy for that insult...
Khem: Er, lad if you trim them ears, people might stop mistaking 
    ye for a bloomin' elf
Arannis: Is it really that hard to tell the difference? Look at 
    Keldo and I; we look NOTHING alike!
Arannis: It's like saying a dwarf looks like a rock.
Khem looks at Keldo and the Aran "You need look in a reflecting 
    glass more often" 
Shadar-kai Gloomblade: You all look the same to me!
Vyhev (grumbles): save your breath elf, I have scales therefore most 
    see me as a lizard
Vyhev eyes glow sickeningly green
Khem shrugs non-commitally
Arannis gives a little half-grin to Vyhev and says, "It was a feint, 
    my dear; I know you aren't a "lizard"".
Khem: I think it is a case of the lady doth protest to much
Arannis nods in thanks to Reg.
Vyhev growls menacingly at Khem
Arannis: (to the Gloomblade) The Shadowfell has made you blind, scum.
Khem leans back to Vyhev, "Arannis is a female elf right?" 
Vyhev: Would you call the splendid Bahamut a lizard?
Shadar-kai Witch: Lizards taste like chicken....Dragonborn taste more 
    like venison.
Arannis: I am not a female nor an elf, dirt-farmer.
Khem: You non-hairy folk to hard to tell gender!
Vyhev sighs "No Khem he is neither female nor elf, although he is 
    elfkin I believe" 
It always comes back to this….
Troy (Khem): A lil elf on elf action perhaps?
Scarlett (Vyhev): lmao
J Z: I could boot Jake and then Khem could pull an elf train
Troy (Khem): rofl
Jake (Arannis): rofl that's just messed up
Scarlett (Vyhev): troy of the dirty mind, that is your new name
Jake (Arannis): talk about a "devil's threeway" 
Troy (Khem): you know how a dwarf knows what gender he is 
    sleeping with?
Scarlett (Vyhev): they hope really hard they've guessed right when 
    the mail starts coming off?
Troy (Khem): If he reaches down and there is more than he expected
    ...wrong gender
Jake (Arannis): ROFL
Jake (Arannis): every time between dwarves = "The Crying Game"?
Scarlett (Vyhev): or maybe not, since "he" in dwarf could be either....
Scarlett (Vyhev): or less than he expected HAHA
Jake (Arannis): wow :P
Like those Swedish foam pillows
Shadar-kai Warrior: Sarshan will slay you all for this! Your elf 
    hides will become his pillowcases!
Arannis: I heard shadar-kai were tough, but this is ridiculous...
Vyhev laughs derisively
Khem: Doesn't resurrect you bark skin!
Arannis: I'm not an elf, but I like the idea of a shadar-kai skin 
Vyhev: elf hide pillowcases
Vyhev: that's rich!
Arannis: I've heard lizard hide is better.
Khem: Depends on what tailor be making em
Arannis smiles at Vyhev.
Vyhev steps sharply on Arannis' instep
Arannis hisses in pain.
Arannis: It was a joke; lighten up.

In the aftermath the party explored their surroundings. In the next room they detected several Shadar-kai arguing with a Githyanki. Vyhev seemed intent on avoiding the group, but the rest of the party had other ideas. Frustrated by the rest of the party, Vyhev burst into the room and confronted the arguing parties. The Gith’s bodyguard unleashed a cloud of darkness that blocked the party’s view into the room.

Vyhev moves to the side of the door, a dangerous glint 
    in her eye and a strange smile on her lips
Arannis: (whisper) Ok, here's what I see. Two shadar-kai 
    armed with spiked chains are fighting with someone. 
    Some cloaked guy by the humanoid has a hand on his weapon. 
    Looks pretty tense in there...
Arannis: (whisper) If we charge, Vyhev has the lead.
Vyhev: Oh I get the lead NOW do I?
Arannis nods to Vyhev.
Vyhev sticks her head around the door and says...
Arannis: (whisper) The one that isn't a shadar-kail is the 
    dangerous one, I'd wager.
Khem looks at Vyhev in stunned disbelief
Vyhev smiles at the group, her mouth open and her tongue slightly 
    caressing her fangs
Vyhev: Does that work for you?
Arannis: Ok, that's new...
Arannis: Well, we could have done something more subtle, but 
    that'll work.
Khem: Your lucky the elf is between us or I'd clack that jaw closed 
    on your lizard tongue!
Reginald: If you two fought like you yapped they'd be dead by now.
Vyhev: Watch it dwarf! Who you calling a lizard!?
Arannis rolls his eyes.
Khem: Well, I saw a talking newt once that Uncle Barl had bought it 
    was just bout as loud and brainless!
Arannis: You're not a lizard, Vyhev; they tend to be sneakier...
Khem: Ya chameleon's especially
Vyhev: mmm hmmm is that so?
Arannis nods.
Vyhev crosses her arms and taps her foot
Khem: Hell even Adamantine Lizards are quieter and I hear they 
    be loud snorer's
Arannis: Yep; the Feywild is lousy with chameleons and geckos; they 
    are fast and quite sneaky.
Arannis smiles jovially at Vyhev.
Arannis: (whisper to Khem) She seems to fight better if she is mad...


FOR THE RECORD….Vyhev was trying to bluff the guys in the other room and shock the party as well…but her stupid human controller forgot to make the bluff roll….50% isn’t bad is it?

Shhh people are reading!

hehe. Well, the “shock the party” part worked

Shhh people are reading!

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