Run away! Run away!

Vyhev somehow sweet talked the amazingly gullible dark haunter to lower it’s dark fog and then the Keldo and Arannis proceeded to maul the gith (but not before he got off his awesome power)! The two Shadar-kai some how got behind the party and proceeded to dance through them for a couple rounds slashing them up with chains.

During the fight….Reggie discovered the light colored tiles on the floor were a levitation lift and decided, for reasons known only to halflings, to float up and see what was on the next level. He discovered a garden filled with rot scarab swarms and a shadow beetle…

Meanwhile, Vyhev nearly slashed a chain fighter in half while the second fighter continued to dance around. The party fell back to the library as the now agitated bugs rained down from above. Reggie wisely shut the door and blocked the bugs entry into the room….but trapped the party in with the remaining chainfighter.

The bugs attacked the door….causing it to begin to rot. The final shadar kai made a run for it but he didn’t get far before Keldo dropped 2 arrows into his back slaying him. Reggie and Khem hurried to push a bookcase in front of the door just before it failed. The party spent a few moments to consider their options. Ever increasing tremors began to rock the tower and the party decided to abandon the tower. Modra was defeated and they had discovered Sarshan was somehow involved with the Gith….not to mention no one wanted to fight bugs.

The party exited via the secret tunnel to the foundry, just before the most serious tremor sent elemental chaos spewing from the now collapsing foundry. It is at this point that the party began discussing which Divine being was superior and why. As they debated the issue, Arannis began to notice that the volcano was erupting. Khem and Vyhev seemed more interested in the debate than the impending doom….but eventually the rest of the party convinced them to table the discussion while they fled for their lives. They spotted Clank fleeing the destruction and learned that the portals had all been locked down, a specific key was required to open each portal so the only option was to run. Vyhev remembered the party still had the Brass Key and the group fled to the Black Temple intent on exiting the same way they entered the Shadowfell. To speed up the trip, Clank threw Khem into his food cart and pushed him along. Many pig legs and possibly some ale did not survive the encounter.

Memorable Moments

One long quote
Reginald: Never trust a rogues motivations 2nd rule of adventuring 
    right khem
Khem: Aye, that goes for Avengers and Warlocks and an occasional Wizard
An even larger tremor shakes the area. The tower sways, the volcano 
    angrily spews lava into the clouds.
Khem: Well that can't be good, did that dragon have a mate perchance?
Arannis raises an eyebrow at Khem.
Vyhev: First ommandment of Bahamut - Uphold the highest ideals of honor 
    and justice
Arannis: Not that i know of, Khem...
The sickening snap of breaking metal can be heard from the nearby foundry 
    just before a jet of elemental chaos explodes through the roof and 
    dissolves the western wall.
Reginald rolls his eyes
Vyhev: Second commandment - Be constantly vigilant against evill and oppose 
    it on all fronts
[TOWER] Arannis -> [SKILL] Arcana [16] [1d20+13 = 16]
[w] Arannis: Seeing if this is the result of planar instability of some kind...
Vyhev: Third commandment - Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and 
    defend just order
Arannis: (mutters) Paladins and their code...
Reginald: Next she will be quoting the tenents of Erathis at me and the 
    tennents of Who's call it at Arannis
Vyhev: I don't know about any "adveturer's rules" but those are MY rules
Arannis draws himself up proudly "Avandra, servant of Erathis".
Vyhev: Erathis BAH! (haha) what a...sissy god!
Reginald: Good, good and do you know he wasn't oppressing the weak in their 
    no, but you want to cast blindness on ye self and pretend so
Khem: Good, good and do you know he wasn't oppressing the weak in their no, 
    but you want to cast blindness on ye self and pretend so
[w] -> Arannis: the nearby exploding foundry and angry looking volcano clue 
    you in to general instability in the area that doesn't seem to be 
Arannis: Luck favors the bold, protect freedom and liberty, and help to make 
    positive change wherever you go.
Arannis: Uh, guys...
Vyhev: Not blind to their actions, Khem, but to ambush them with trickery is 
Khem: In a minute elf
Arannis: There's some kind of instability here and it only seems to be getting 
Khem: I said in a min...oh
Arannis: It's like the portals they made are ripping this place apart.
Arannis: We might want to put our attention to that and debate later.
Reginald: Maybe we should reach safe distance and you can argue later, you 
Arannis: Wholeheartedly, Reg.
Vyhev (squeaky voice): Erathis, oooh lets all work together so nicely and 
    everyone be the same, seek out new ideas and make them your own as a 
    community...blah blah we are all the same
Arannis: Vyhev, what part of "Not Now" did you not understand?
Vyhev follows walking along while continuing her tirade
Khem: See, scales now if we would have got the jump on them maybe we would 
    know what is causing the rift, defender of the weak, Bah!
[w] Arannis: Is there a center, like a place where it seems to be coming from?
Khem trots to keep up with the longer legged folks
Vyhev: It would serve my god to let this place be ripped apart, they all seem 
    bent on oppression and evil here
Arannis looks around nervously at the chaos.
Khem: Of course cuz the rulers in charge qualify as the weak ones eh?
Arannis: That I would agree with, Vyhev, but wisdom is called for, and there is 
    no need for the innocent to die.
Vyhev: I have yet to meet one innocent here
The foundry explodes in a shower of elemental chaos and fire. The ground heaves 
    violently. The volcano sends a huge burst of ash into the sky...
Arannis: Ok, we really need to stop arguing...
Khem: Bah there are no innocents or doesn't ye god teach common sense elf!
[w] -> Arannis: the volcano seems to be a good suspect......
Arannis looks at the volcano and blanches.
[w] Arannis: ROFL
Vyhev: If the rulers were not weak, they would not succomb to corruption dwarf
Khem: Oh so now you are protector of the corrupt?
Arannis: It depends, Khem, but is now REALLY an appropriate time to discuss this?
Khem: I can run and talk Elf!
Arannis: We need to leave or find a way to stop this. The source is the volcano, 
    it would appear.
Vyhev: when better elfkin? do you see a way we can escape other than the route 
    we are taking?
Khem: Me people march hundred of miles by tightening our belts and gettting 
    er done!
In the distance....a warforged pushing a cart of pigs legs can be seen fleeing. 
    The faint smell of honey fills the air.
Vyhev: Clank!
Arannis: OI, CLANK!
Arannis: Know a safe way out?
Reginald thinks to himself, "A defender of the corrupt, I might be able to 
    use that" 
Arannis: We can talk about this over an ale or something. I'll buy, now let's 
    quit the chatter and get the hell out of here!
Vyhev rolls her eyes "you really didn't get the point" 
Vyhev continues her steady pace toward Clank
Clank: No time to sell lunches now! Just getting as far away as I can!
Arannis: As are we, Clank!
Vyhev: Do you know somewhere safe Clank? Or a safe way outta here?
Khem: As fast as a dirt farmer can!
Arannis is keeping pace with the group.
Clank twists among the alleys as mercenaries scatter, "I was hoping to find 
    a portal...but Sarshan's people seem to have them all locked down!" 
Keldo is just looking blankly from the party to the volcano.
Arannis: Locked down? Is that normal?
Vyhev: Locked down?! We have a key!
Vyhev: Where Clank, where?!
Khem: Er, great trapped in this wasteland
Arannis: Wait, we have a key?!?
Clank: Does anything look normal? There's a volcano erupting?!?
Arannis: No, the portals being locked...
Clank: A key? To which portal? They are all different. That Sarshan is a 
    clever one!
Arannis: I know THAT's not right.
Vyhev smiles disquieteningly at Arranis
Khem (mumbles): Let's jump thru a funny portal thing! Whose bloody brilliant 
    plot was that!
Vyhev: Our key fit at least 2!
Arannis sighs at the dwarf.
Khem: Up near the black shrine!
Khem: save your air elf you will need it to keep up with me
Clank: Black shrine? Never heard of it?
Clank tosses Khem into the cart and pushes, "Which way dwarf?" 
Arannis: I'll be fine, let's just go!
Vyhev: It was...oh DAMMIT where was it?!
Khem: Errr south?
Keldo: Back to the east, Vyhev, along the path.
Khem: That way metal mouth!
Vyhev: OK I say we run for it!
Keldo and Arannis both sheathe their weapons and go sprinting down the path 
    to the Black Shrine.
[w] -> Khem: you're in a cart full of honey glazed roasted meat...please 
    act appropiately
Khem picks up the nearest bit of meat and begins chomping on it
Khem: Now this is cooking!!!!
Vyhev runs along the path behind Keldo and Arannis
Vyhev: Clank! Follow us!
Keldo: OI, KHEM! Let's go; eat later!
Khem: Hey, keep up long legs
Vyhev: Khem always eats, haven't you figured that out yet?! (laughs)
Khem reclines in the cart licking his fingers
Reginald scurries after the others making sure that someone is nearer the red 
    hot stuff than him
Clank pushes the cart as Khem eats any hope of profits
Vyhev: How about a running song, there, bard?
Reginald: Run, run faster you elves
Arannis, as he passes by the cart, dumps 10g in it, picks up a piece of meat and 
    eats while he runs.
Reginald: Run, run faster don't cook yourselves
Reginald: The dwarves eats all the treats
Reginald: And the lizard beats her feets!
Reginald: Run run faster!
Vyhev nods and feels lighter on her feet thanks to the bards distracting song
Khem (sigh): What a disaster
Khem digs in the cart looking for a mug
Vyhev laughs as she pictures Khem pouring and then drinking ale at this speed

When the party arrived at the Black Temple they discovered two shadar-kai who’s equipment and bearing marked them as officers moving between the portals in the black temple. Reggie and Khem quickly recognized one of them as Brenat, the grizzled veteran from the Pickled Imp. His pallor had darkened significantly in the Shadowfell. He was quite surprised to see the PCs and revealed himself to be the famed Sarshan. He was impressed by the party’s skill and offered them a chance to join his army and survive the impending destruction that was to befall their world. In the end the party refused his offer and weapons were drawn…...



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