Now hiring a porter....

After a surprising arrival in the Shadowfell, the party attempted to discover just where they were and what was going on. Khem questioned several merchants about the M mark that was struck onto orc weapons, while Reggie, Vyhev, and Keldo circulated among the camp trying to fish out rumors. The party learned that Modra had brokered the weapons deal against his master’s, Sarshan, wishes. They also learned that the nearby slave bazaar was a cover for Sarshan’s strange experiments.

Meanwhile in a plane of fire, a lone eladrin fought a number of lava soldiers as he sought to avenge the deaths of his comrades. He cut through the first wave of guardians…only to be greeted by a bellowing roar…

Back in Umbraforge, the party sought out the nearest watering hole and ate “food” while seeking further information. They learned that Sarshan was once a great mercenary and was currently running the entire operation in Umbraforge from his nearby tower. In addition, they were encouraged to register with Leena over near the slave bazaar for mercenary work. With not much else to do the party decided to make their way to the slave bazaar.

In the plane of fire, the eladrin managed to fend off a second wave of lava guardians….only to be greeted by a mortally wounded Volcanic Dragon. Just as the beast was poised to strike a massive quake struck the plane….

Those in the Shadowfell felt a similar quake and then the ground burst before them spewing forth lava. The two planes warped and twisted merging into one. Suddenly the Eladrin was facing the dragon and lava guardians alongside Khem, Reggie, Vyhev and Keldo. The ensuing battle was brief as the badly wounded dragon was not able to hold off the adventurers for very long, and was eventually stabbed by Reginald Skydodger seconds before bleeding to death. Reginald Skydodger made sure the whole world knew he was now a dragonslayer. After the fight the mysterious eladrin was revealed to be Arannis, an avenger. Completely out of place in the Shadowfell, he joined up with the rest of the party.

Memorable Moments

J Z: Back to umbraforge!
J Z: People in town are doing what now? :)
Scarlett (Vyhev): looking for a bar I thought?
Khem: Looking for beer?
Jake (Arannis): *cough* running to help Arannis *cough*
Scarlett (Vyhev): lol Jake
Jake (Arannis): :P
Troy (Khem): An anus who?
Scarlett (Vyhev): you're doing fine
J Z: Running to loot his corpse maybe!
Jake (Arannis): Stop looking at my butt!
Nick (Reginald): He's a butt pirate... Arr-Anus.
Jake (Arannis): lol yeah, I'm almost afraid to live through 
    the encounter :P
The Bartender: Pfft...orcs....they aren't so tough...I heard some 
    upstart orc king tried to raid a dwarven city...was beaten 
    down by a bunch of farmer dwarves they say.
Vyhev: told ya
Vyhev: farmer dwarves?
Khem: Yeah, lots of dwarves out there picking berries there are?
Khem: Hurrramph!
The Bartender: Sarshan was none too happy with his right hand man after 
    that...seems he was worried the deal would come back to him.
The Bartender: it is dwarves eat
Now Hiring
Reginald (Whisper): Those fools at camp wouldnt know a boot from 
    a shoehorn.
Vyhev: oh...
Khem: True they think dwarves are farmers for crying out loud
Arannis: At any rate, it appears I owe you a debt. I am willing to 
    aid you, if you'll have me.
Vyhev barks a short laugh
Reginald: Fate seems to have thrown you in our path. You're in luck 
    as we're looking to expand our numbers. You're not by chance a 
    skilled porter are you?
Vyhev: Indeed that was funny
Arannis: I've never seen a dwarf farm for anything but gold or gems.
Arannis raises an eyebrow at Reg.
Khem: I think we best move on though, our look someone will come looking 
    for all of this commotion
J Z: a skilled porter lol
Arannis: I can carry a backpack if that's what you mean. However, my skill 
    lies with my weapon. I'm pretty observant as well.
Khem: Well sir we almost mine for Souls for our gods, and soon you shall have 
    seen that as well
Khem stomps off
Arannis: Agreed, Khem. If you know of an inn nearby, I could use an ale.
Reginald: A blade is always useful as well. As long as you can carry your fair 
    share then all is well.
Reginald makes a mental note of things he can transfer from his pack to 
    Arannis's pack at the next opportunity.

The combined group now headed to the Slave Bazaar to meet with Leena, and see what kind of work could be had. Leena was unimpressed by Reggie’s tales of dragonslaying and decided to give the group an entrance examination. The party faced off against several ogres and their pet beetle. Keldo managed to annoy the ogres and became their punching bag. The rest of the party took advantage of this distraction and managed to slay the ogres largely unscathed.

Memorable Moments

Rated AO
Vyhev: who?
Leena snaps her fingers and looks to some nearby shadar-kai 
    slavers, "Boys...get the Bonecrushers" 
Reginald: In other news are you available?
Arannis rests his palm lightly on the hilt of his sword.
Reginald: My rugged friend here is interested in a little companionship 
    if you know what I mean.
Khem strokes his beard "Bonecrusher, bonecrusher why does that sound 
Reginald grins roguishly and jerks a thumb at Khem.
Leena: We'll talk afterwards.....if he still has a bone that works
Reginald: He really digs your beads.
Arannis is fighting to keep from grinning.
[w] -> Khem: You're thinking it sounds like...ogres
Khem: Reg, wasn't that Ogre in Brindol a Bonecrusher?
Reginald: You know me I love them and leave them. I don't take names.
Leena: Shall we go to the practice field or do the mighty dragonslayers 
    need a moment ot powder their noses?
Vyhev surges torward the shadar-kai "show me the way sister, I will tear 
    these bonecrushers apart!" 
Reginald: I expect we'll be compensated for this performance?
J Z: Just remember if you and khem set up the double team...never make eye 
    contact during a devil's threeway
Jake (Arannis): ROFL
Khem: Nah we crack skulls powdered or un-powdered (mumbles) asides Reg likes 
    to urinate on 'em after
Scarlett (Vyhev): OMG
Nick (Reginald): It's not gay if the sacks touch... unless you like it.
Jake (Arannis): WOW
Troy (Khem): rofl
Scarlett (Vyhev): LMAO
Jake (Arannis): OK, tell me that's not a memorable moment :P
J Z: Might get my portal account banned for that!



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