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After vanquishing the Bonecrusher clan, Khem had his “encounter” with Leena the shadar-kai witch. During the pillow-talk he learned that Modra would be sabotaging the foundry and flooding the tower and the slave pens. Anxious to have a word with the myserious Modra, the party used the mustering of some mercenaries to approach the foundry. Khem spotted a flaw in the construction and the party was able to sneak up on the sabotouers. Our heroes had their hands full with the goblins, dark creeper and a bladerager troll. Throughout the fight Vyhev’s divine challenge, wreaked terrible damage, Reggie managed to knock the troll into one of the pits. Arannis managed to push Modra into a pit. Khem and Keldo worked over the minions and archers.

Memorable Moments

Services Rendered
Leena points at Khem, "You, dwarf, my tent. Let's see if goliaths 
    really do have the market on endurance!" 
Khem winks at the Shadar-kai
Leena strides off to her tent and the straight male (non-eladrin) 
    party members enjoy watching her leave.
Khem follows at a relaxed stride
Khem (mumbles): Bloody halfling
Reginald chuckles quietly to himself.
Arannis looks over at the paladin, amazed she didn't have some 
    remark to make.
Vyhev sighs markedly and watches the dwarf leave, a little shocked 
    by his actions as he has never displayed this part of his 
    personality in the past...
Keldo: we are following leena?
Arannis: I don't think so; I think they are going for some "alone time".
Reginald eyes the Dragonborn but thinks better of it.
Reginald: We should all probably find a place to bed down for the night.
Reginald: That fight was taxing.
Arannis: I'd say that's a good idea. I could use the rest; long day.
Vyhev: I didn't think the dwarf had thoughts in that direction, Bahamut 
    knows we have come across more...attractive females in the past
Reginald: I think he likes the down and dirty type.
Arannis: Desperate times, I guess. Might help us get work.
Huffing noises and the sound of furniture being roughly banged into sound 
    from the tent.
Arannis: Are you kidding? This is what life is all about! I should sleep 
    pretty soundly here.
Vyhev looks sideways at the eladrin "bully for you" 
Khem stumbles from the tent dropping his robes
Khem: Was it good for you lass!!!
Khem grins
Arannis chuckles.
Vyhev eyes open wide and she tries to turn away at the same time..
Khem: Alright gang we move out with the mercenaries tonight
Leena throws a belt at Khem striking him on the forhead. "Almost better 
    than 45 seconds of sleep" 
Khem laughs
Arannis: Any idea where we are headed?
Reginald: An idea where we can rest?
Arannis: That too...
Khem: The foundry...
Khem: in two hours
Arannis yawns.
Vyhev stretches "Indeed a rest, or an attempt at one, would likely do 
    us all good" 
Khem picks up the belt, comparing the color of the scales to that of Vyhev 
    to make sure it ain't here lizard kin.
Vyhev eyes narrow at Khem
Khem: Errr, black scales hot kin of yours I take it?
Vyhev: hardly, we are the RedScale Clan!
Vyhev: If we end up with blak scales, its from standing too long near the fire
Reginald: Hot kin? You do like the exotic ones don't you master Dwarf.
Khem: I feel like such a kept man, a beautiful belt for a job well done
Leena in the distance a voice can be heard, "I didn't have anything smaller 
    than a copper peice...consider the rest a tip" 
Watch it go off the rails…
Arannis: Anyone got a spare bit of cloth to wrap them in?
Khem Pulls out his Holey robes
Vyhev pulls a handkerchief from her sleeve
Scarlett (Vyhev): ROFL
Reginald: By cloth do you mean like a backpack?
Khem: Here use this, mind the spear holes but still a decent bit 
    of cloth left
Arannis: Thanks, Khem.
J Z: Khem could use his Shadar kai witch trophy pantys....but she 
    wasn't wearing any
Troy (Khem): but boy they do braid everything don't they
Arannis makes a small parcel for the pig bone leftovers, ties it in a 
    knot and sticks it in an outer pocket on his pack.
Jake (Arannis): rofl, Troy
Scarlett (Vyhev): lmfao
Nick (Reginald): wow
Scarlett (Vyhev): no razors? :P
Troy (Khem): just for the head
Nick (Reginald): no just some sharp teeth
Troy (Khem): Speaking of Bonecrushers... rofl
Arannis: (to Reg) Just trying to keep the juice from leaking onto my 
Troy (Khem): omg jake
J Z: That's what she said?
Jake (Arannis): rofl
Campaign saved.
Jake (Arannis): I didn't mean it like that; perverts :P
Scarlett (Vyhev): roflmao
Nick (Reginald): Uh huh
J Z: okay...that's what HE said?
Jake (Arannis): Is Reg a "fabulous" halfling?
Scarlett (Vyhev): arannis needs a codpiece for his armor :P
Reginald: Probably a good idea
Nick (Reginald): He comes off as such a dandy! 8)
Jake (Arannis): lol
Arannis: (to Reg) We'll talk about that Haversack later...
J Z: A codpeice with elven runes that read: "All deliveries please 
    use rear entrance?" 
Jake (Arannis): WOW
Troy (Khem): rofl
Jake (Arannis): lol
Scarlett (Vyhev): OMG
Scarlett (Vyhev): oh dear
Scarlett (Vyhev): o-kay moving right along.... LOL
It’s gettin hot in here…
Vyhev bats her eyelids as she adjusts to the heat..."this warm enough 
    for you dwarf?" 
Khem: Um, dwarves like hair, not scales Pally!
Reginald: I can arrange to batter her up and roll her around a barbershop 
    floor if that is what suits your fancy. I know people.
Arannis: You are a strange one, Reg.
Reginald: I just look out for my friends interests.
Arannis smiles.
Arannis: Nothing wrong with that at all, I'm just afraid to find out what 
    female you think suits me.
Reginald: I didn't think there was one.
The entire foundy is illuminated by the red glow of the lava trench its 
    oppressive heat fills the air and sears your lungs. The main floor 
    of the foundry is split into a number of workstations. Jagged 
    blades and pits seem to be everywhere.
Khem snaps back from the image of V rolled on a barbershop floor


Is it a coincidence that after Arannis joined the rails got easier to go off of…

Catering by Clank...

Don’t blame the new guy :P

Catering by Clank...

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